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Double Bass Music Reading Game Instructions

This fun game will help young string bass players learn how to read music. Many beginners think in terms of which string and finger to use when looking at notes and this game uses that same language.

In the beginning just tap either the "A" or the "D" button for the note displayed. When string letters and numbers appear press the string and finger buttons. Double tap or click the string letter button for open strings.

This game introduces the notes in the same order as in the Manukau Youth Orchestra String Programme.

The score is displayed to left above the orange progress bar. You have three minutes to complete the test. If you answer the questions quickly you get more points and move up the levels quicker. Be warned fast wrong answers lose more points. If you keep on answering questions correctly at the end you'll get an extra minute to boost your score provided you answer the questions fast enough. The goal is to break 100.

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